"We first sent our daughter to the WestyDoty Shooting Camp and Big Man camp four years ago. She continues to attend the camps every year, and she has shown amazing improvement in every facet of her offensive skills. The camps have an excellent coach-to-pupil ratio, and they keep the players busy through the entirety of each session. We only wish we had found the WestyDoty Camps sooner."
--Scott and Jill Gamboe, parents of Eric Gamboe, Dunlap High School

"Coach Doty and Coach Westendorf provide the very best instruction for a kid to develop his or her game. They give them the tools to become better players. Our family has enjoyed seeing great improvement in our children's abilities.Coaches need their players to attend the WestyDoty Camps. More often than not school coaches have very limited time frames to teach fundamentals. This is the place to come when your kid wants professional guidance to grow his or her game. Fundamentals are so key to success in the game of basketball. Not everyone can teach fundamentals. These coaches can and do! And the kids love it!!!"
--Craig and Anne Woodley, parents of Jameson Woodley, Midwest Central High School

"This camp did an outstanding job of instilling confidence in my daughter Erin's shot. Coach Westendorf and Coach Doty did a great job of positively promoting her whole mindset when she shoots which, for any player, is a huge contributor to success."
--Kevin O'Malley, coach at Lindbergh School in Peoria.

"As a coach, I have seen a variety of methods for developing shooting fundamentals. I can honestly say the WestyDoty Shooting Camps present the best methods I have seen for developing sound fundamental shooting skills in players of all ages."
--Greg Myroth, head girls basketball coach at Peoria Christian High School.

"Westy/Doty a must have for your child! I highly recommend both the Shooting and Individual Skill Development Camps. The staff does an excellent job of working with young men and women to teach them the fundamental practice techniques that will allow them to improve their game and be successful regardless of their current skill level."
--Keith Snyder, father of Mike Snyder, Peoria Notre Dame High School

"WestyDoty Basketball Camps are hands down the best around. They really know how to expand a players offensive game. Hi energy camps that preach fundamentals with instant feed back from Hall of Fame coaches. One of the best decisions we ever made for our son was getting him started with the WestyDoty Camps in fourth grade. He is now in high school and much of his success on the court is the result of the coaching provided to him by the WestyDoty staff. I highly recommend all of their camps.
--Patrick Brown, father of Jacob Brown, Elmwood High School